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predori is your smart access to patent data.
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With predori you can easily find, quickly understand and profitably utilize patent information.

What makes predori different

Human & AI in interaction

The central approach of predori is that artificial intelligence is "just" a tool for the user. Patent searches don‘t work without human expertise. Through the mutual interaction of human intuition and artificial intelligence, we combine the best of both worlds for more efficient patent information.

What is important to us is that humans stand above AI. Humans make all the decisions, while AI provides optimal support for their search. 

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predori is:

Our AI helps you capture the subject of the search as precisely as possible and delivers accurate results.
predori offers you complete patent search documentation - the optimal starting point for your decisions.
The predori algorithm increases the patent search speed enormously - faster access & faster results.
user centric
specialized solutions for different patent search questions, which continue into the decision-ready presentation of results.

Single Documents or Patent Lists


Talk to the documents and get quick answers!

Ask questions directly to a desired patent document or even to an extensive list of documents simultaneously. Our AI provides you with contextual, correct and trackable answers within seconds.

The Add-On: We show you reference excerpts and with only one click you can jump directly to the original document at the exact point that contains the answer to your question.

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Surveying entire fields of technology

NEW: predoriX

Imagine a colleague who has learned all the patents relevant to your technology field by heart and can answer all questions about technology, the state of the art and problem solutions immediately and accurately for everyone in your company. That's exactly what predoriX is: the AI assistant for your entire organization.

➔ No more time-consuming searches, no more loss of information - everything you need is just one click away.
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Would you like to see predori live?

predori is your fast and accurate access to patent information. Search for your competitors' patents in no time and find out in just a few minutes for wich of your inventions a patent applications is promising.
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Traceable Patent Search & Monitoring

Complete transparency

predori is the ANTI-blackbox solution for all your search and monitoring tasks. It is the optimal extension of human intuition and skills working with patent documents. Our AI offers you full traceability of results.

Take a smart step towards a more reliable future and ensure transparency in AI patent search results. Watch your search become more efficient with the trusted support of artificial intelligence.

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Overcoming the language barrier

Language of the searcher vs. language of the patent database

A major difficulty in patent searches is the language barrier. In addition to at least a rough technical expertise on the subject matter of the search, a patent search also requires an understanding of the linguistic idiosyncrasies of patent documents. Patents may introduce their own vocabulary. In the words of patent attorneys: Patents span their own vocabulary. With predori, you do not need to continue an iterative process of searching and sifting to learn the vocabulary of the technology area during the search, our AI has already read all the patents and relieves you of this task.

predori understands your search query in natural language and identifies technical features and their relationships. Existing formulations of corresponding or similar features in the database are suggested and included in the search. Combined with a precise conveyance of the recognized feature relationships in a comprehensible search query, you get exactly the results that best match your description in terms of content.

By broadly enriching the search with database equivalents of the relevant technical features, as well as precisely applying feature relationships, predori users find what they are looking for - not just what they type.

predori users find what they are looking for, not only what they type!

6 arguments for predori

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Quick orientation

predori offers you fast and uncomplicated access to information from patents and about patents. This allows you to assess in minutes whether your invention is protectable, whether you are allowed to bring a product to market, and whether competitors' IP rights are legally valid.

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Always the right tool

Freedom to Operate, Patentability, Invalidation, bull's eye prevention - not all patent searches are the same. predori offers the right tool for every search task.

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The human steers - the machine thinks

The novel predori patent search workflow offers complete search documentation and traceability despite autonomously acting artificial intelligence. You are always in control of the situation, but you make your decisions supported by our artificial intelligence.

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While you can keep your focus on the subject of your research, predori takes away the time-consuming and difficult steps. As a result, you get both: faster and more accurate patent search results.

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To the point

Matching synonyms, extracted from millions of patent documents, you succeed in capturing the subject of your search as precisely as possible.

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Your strength: Evaluate

Receiving a result set is not the end of your patent search - the results need to be evaluated as well. predori offers you the fastest and most intuitive access to the content of your search results using our Reason of Match Technology, making the evaluation easy for you.

predori's success
stories. When will you tell us yours?

"Since we are using predori, we get significantly faster results with significantly higher precision than with our previous tool. We also really appreciate having fewer iterative process steps in the IP workflow overall. Collecting, understanding and applying patent information in a targeted manner is now very easy for us."

IP Manager Manufacturer of Automation Systems

"predori is not just a new patent search tool - it is a completely new perspective on searching. Since the noventive associates have been working with predori, the workflow within our already innovative law firm has changed yet again. The tool is both highly accurate and fast. With predori, we can offer new services to our clients and enjoy their great trust."

Patent Attorney & Co-Founder of noventive Jens Reinhard

"predori is designed so clearly and simply that excellent patent search results are achieved even without search training. Especially the interaction with predori's AI leads to high accurate results."

Founder DETAGTO Benedigt Wigger

„What I've seen so far is a quantum leap forward in IP management. predori makes everything easy that was previously very complicated for us. I would like to point out the user-friendliness and the ingenious AI features.“

Head of IP Automotive Supplier

Porträt von Lucas Engelhardt

"If you're working on an innovative product, you need to have your back when it comes to IP. Easy project management, fast patent searches and high relevant hits make predori an efficient tool. These advantages allow us to focus on product development with a good feeling."

Co-Founder OSORA Lucas Engelhardt

“predori's one-of-a-kind table output, is a brilliant feature for both attorneys and RnD researchers. Its categories of different search types fills a need that has persisted in the industry for a some time. This innovative product shows that the founders of predori are world-class service providers, who are serious about solving difficulties faced by patent professionals in patent data handling. I highly recommend this tool.“

Global IP Team Lead Top European Organization in Manufacturing and Automation

"I was impressed by how little effort and how little time it takes to get highly relevant search results with predori. Besides the high relevance of the search hits, I liked the lightning-fast assessment of the hits with predori."

IP Lawyer & Partner at Dornkamp Dr. Andreas Sasdi

"As a patent attorney, I use predori together with clients, whether on site or via video conference. We work out the search query and the corresponding synonyms together and evaluate the hits. At the end, the client receives a summary of the search results and an assessment of how to proceed. predori is simple, intuitive to use and the first search tool that actually brings fun!"

Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, European Trademark Attorney Arkadius Dalek

Porträt von Ulrike Hudelmaier

"Before we started working with predori, I had often been annoyed by research. But since we started using predori, international patent searches in particular have become very easy."

General Manager TFU GmbH Ulrike Hudelmaier

Predori - Patent research done right

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