About us

Our conviction

predori was developed by IP professionals for IP professionals.

As IP professionals, we know that artificial intelligence alone cannot overcome your patent search problems. However, when artificial intelligence is used wisely in patent searches, you can handle your search tasks better and faster.

You, the users, are the ones who turn patent information into valuable knowledge.

Our approach

When developing our predori web app, we had a clear goal in mind: users should be optimally supported in their search by the latest AI technology – and at the same time be able to actively participate in the search process. We achieved this through a radically new patent search workflow in which users and the software interact with each other.

Our promise

Searches in minutes

With predori you will find the appropriate state of the art for your search task in minutes. Even complex search tasks rarely take longer than 15 minutes.

Highly relevant hits

With predori you find what you really need to find, not just what you typed in. This is possible because predori helps you optimize your search with synonyms and the right focus.


Your inventions are your know-how and your assets. predori does not analyze any data about your searches.

You are just one click away from the best patent search experience

You are the best judge of how predori can help you. Find it out.

We are a technological pioneer

By searching with predori, you are not only permanently up-to-date with the latest developments in your ideas, but also permanently a customer of a constantly evolving patent search tool. Let‘s stay together at the forefront of our technologies.

Our standards for patent searches:

predori meets them.

High-quality search results that convince.
Very few users search daily. Repeatedly familiarizing yourself with a research tool therefore costs you too much time. predori is easy and user-friendly to use in order to safe your time.
Find and evaluate search results as quickly as possible.
Black box searches are not to be used in the commercial environment. predori is the only fully traceable AI due to its unique patent search workflow and our Explainable Artificial Intelligence.


We offer a respectful working environment where you can take responsibility and contribute your strengths to the team. In our office in Ulm or in the mobile office, wherever it fits best. The entire team is highly motivated to build world-class software and revolutionize the way patent information is retrieved.

These are our current job openings: