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When founder and inventor Michael Forsthofer approached predori, the time was ripe to gather precise information on the state of the art for his groundbreaking idea. It didn’t take long for all of us to realize, that he is going to write a remarkable success story.


Michael Forsthofer has big plans for making the world a better place. At just 20 years old, the biology student from the University of Ulm has already founded his first startup and successfully established it on the market. Now, for almost two years, he has been working on treating salt water in such a way that it becomes drinkable for people. It is important to him that all people in the world have access to clean drinking water – that is his contribution to a better world. Therefore, it is also important to him that the technology becomes accessible to everyone in the world and is used primarily for charitable purposes.

After a series of prototypes, it was time in the middle of this year to obtain valid information about the patent situation of the invention. However, the initial euphoria of the search was quickly overcome by disillusionment, as it became clear to Michael Forsthofer that information from searches on the Internet could not be used to make a reliable statement about the state of the art of his invention. And because precise patent searches are expensive and rudimentary searches are risky, this challenge seemed unmanageable at first.

But before the first conversation with the patent attorney’s office, the entrepreneur definitely wanted to get a picture of the patent landscape and his options himself. “As a search layman, generating valid patent information from the usual platforms is simply an impossibility,” says the young visionary – until predori came into play. Searching for an easy access to the state of the art, he finally came across our tool predori. It quickly became clear that his revolutionary idea and predori’s revolutionary workflow were the perfect match.

predori was developed to make patent searches easy and efficient and to make patent information, which by the way is the essential basis for countless business decisions, accessible to everyone. For this purpose, the AI-based patent search tool offers a guided search process that enables even searchers without expert status or search experience to achieve precise and relevant hits.


After a short onboarding, nothing more stood in the way of the search. Within just one hour, it was clear: Michael Forsthofer had developed an idea that did not yet exist in this form and therefore absolutely had to be protected. “Patent protection is so important to me because it is a great concern to help less privileged people with my ideas and developments,” emphasizes the biology student.

As a search layman, generating valid patent information from the common platforms is simply an impossibility. With the information I generated within the search with predori, I had a strong starting point to go into a first meeting with my current patent attorney.

Michael Forsthofer

Inventor, Entrepreneur

This technology helps people worldwide – Michael Forsthofer has developed an innovative process that generates drinking water from salt water. He is an inventor on a mission: charitable organizations can use his technology to give people in developing countries access to clean drinking water. They can help people in areas where water is scarce and also step in when natural disasters strike. With every liter of drinking water that is converted, he contributes to improving the quality of life for people around the world.


“With the information I generated within the research, I had a strong starting point to go into an initial meeting with my current patent attorney,” the young entrepreneur reports. Today, the patent has already been officially filed and applied for – for an idea that will make the world a better place in the long term.

When asked how he found working with predori, he responds with these three characteristics:


  1. fast
  2. simple
  3. professional


Michael Forsthofer also describes his research with predori as setting the course for a future worth investing in. With predori he has found an efficient and cost-effective way of research, which has provided him with valuable information. This is the basis for different decisions in his development process. He is already looking forward to future ideas that he will research with predori.

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Patent information is the starting point for a large number of business issues. Knowing what you are allowed to do from a patent perspective without infringing third-party rights, and what is still protectable in order to expand your own patent portfolio, is a prerequisite for a successful business strategy.

Patent search with predori is different – our patent search webapp predori offers a entirely new way to conduct patent searches. In an interactive workflow, you are supported by our artificial intelligence in every single step to successfully perform patent searches. This way, you get to the relevant state of the art faster and in a more targeted way.