Data Intelligence

The intelligent use of AI in patent searches

Post-hypecycle AI. predori enables the purposeful interaction of human and artificial intelligence. We combine the best of both worlds for an optimal patent search.


Reason of Match

With predori's Reason of Match technology, you can immediately see why a document is displayed and how it relates to your input.
See what's important. For lightning-fast screening, jump to the relevant text passages in found patent description with just one click.
Read little, but read the right thing. predori works out those passages, that describe the technical context and use of the technical feature you search.
When presented in predori‘s Document-Feature Matrix, you can easily assess novelty and inventive step.

Personal product demonstration

You want to see live how predori can support your company or law firm? In just 30 minutes, you will learn how predori can make your patent search more efficient. We offer you the opportunity to perform a search of your choice and experience the full performance of predori. See for yourself!

Hand in hand to optimal results

Human+ AI in interaction

You are the expert and you know exactly what you want to achieve in your search. predori's artificial intelligence, on the other hand, knows the whole patent database. Work hand in hand with the AI technology to reveal exact the information that is relevant to your search task.
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Security, Trust & Acceptance

Comprehensible AI

It is important to us that the user is provided with precise and reliable search results. predori enables you to conduct an explainable search with a transparent presentation of results. The search remains traceable for you at any time on the level of individual technical features and is documented at the push of a button. This creates security, trust and acceptance and provides you with an optimal starting point for evaluation & communication.

predori is not a black box - you get full transparency in search and assessment.
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One step ahead

Innovation Mindset

We innovate so you can be more innovative.

Obtain relevant patent information with predori without a large investment of resources. This allows you to make ad hoc strategic decisions based on well-founded information: Is it worthwhile to seek IP rights for a technology? Is there a new product in a competitor's IP space? Do you need to act quickly as a 'first mover'? With agile answers to important questions, you will always be one step ahead and increase the quality and quantity of your IP activities.
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Data Intelligence


Security comes first. This is especially true with your innovation data. To ensure that you do not experience any nasty surprises when it comes to patent searches, security is our top priority. predori relies on data security "Made in Germany". Your data is securely hosted on servers in German data centers in accordance with the EU-DSGVO. They are always transmitted and stored in encrypted form.
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