Explainable AI

It's all about your unique technical know-how! Do you really want to put the responsibility for this in the hands of AI, graphs, vectors and statistics? At predori, we believe that especially in the highly sensitive field of intellectual property, AI is only usable if results remain communicable, comprehensible and accessible. That is why we have made it our mission to ensure legal resilience with complete transparency and documentation, despite the use of artificial intelligence. Experience with predori what is possible with AI support and experience comprehensible research as you need it, but efficient as you have never seen it before.

You decide what to search for. You know what is being searched for.

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The reason why a document was found is clearly stated.

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Creating communicable patent search reports automatically - no problem with predori.

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Optimal starting position for assessment & communication

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Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Transparent search

Explainability and traceability is the basic requirement for you to stand behind your search. What was searched for and why? These are questions you should be able to answer for yourself and other stakeholders of the patent search. predori is build in order to enable you to answer these most important questions at any time.

The 'Reason of Match' in view

Transparent result finding

With predori you always know why a document is presented to you and how it relates to your search input. Our 'Reason of Match' technology allows you to view results at the feature level. This not only ensures a high degree of traceability, but also allows you to evaluate novelty and inventive step at a glance. Of course, you can also use 'Reason of Match' as a communication basis in export documents.

Documentation through traceability

Complete documentation despite autonomous AI

Obtained patent information can only be classified soundly if you know and can prove how this information was obtained. Create clear facts for yourself and others and minimize your risks with the automated documentation of your predori patent search. The same applies here: reliable documentation is the result of traceability of the search and the results.

Research Interpret, Communicate and Manage

Optimal starting point for evaluation & communication

Traceability during research. And afterwards? Patent information is not searched for its own sake, it always forms the basis for answering IP-related questions and making strategic decisions. Thanks to the natural explainability of predori patent searches, interpretation, communication and management of the search is possible for you and all decision makers.