It is important to us that you feel secure. To achieve this, we do not limit ourselves to our reliable and traceable search algorithms, but also solicit your trust in the areas of data inventory, data security and data visibility. Your inventiveness and intellectual property is your capital, ours is your trust.

predori uses secure und modern cloud technologies located in Germany.

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With predori, your know-how stays in your domain.

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Make conscious decisions about who you share your research information with internally or externally.

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Access to well over 150 million patent documents from all major registers worldwide - and more are being added every day.

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Data in Germany

Server in Germany

Secure Cloud - "Made in Germany“

We rely on data security "Made in Germany". Your personal and innovation data is securely backed up in accordance with the EU-DSGVO on servers in German data centers. Your data is always transmitted and stored in encrypted form. In addition, we use secure & modern cloud technologies that are scalable and highly available.


IP stays in-house

Delegating searches to people outside your organization may not be problematic for opposition searches, but sending inventions to external third parties for searches prior to patent filing carries incalculable risks for your know-how. predori allows you to conduct and manage searches within your organization. This way you minimize risks of know-how leakage.


Rights management

Your patent search and results are safe with us. We do not share any data with third parties and have full control over all information you give us. In line with our convictions, we want to give this control back to you as much as possible. You actively decide who can view your patent search and who can contribute to your search.

Fully comprehensive database

Real-time database

Every patent search should end with the good feeling of having seen everything important. This result requires not only highly accurate search technology, but also a fully comprehensive database. With predori you have access to over 150 million patent documents from all important patent registers in the world. Our data is also up-to-date and updated several times a day to include the latest publication status of full texts, image information, legal status and family relationships. So you will not miss anything during your search with predori.