Patent Search on a new level

Our patent search webapp predori offers you a completely new way to perform patent searches. In an interactive workflow you will be supported by our artificial intelligence to perform your patent searches successfully. This way, you get to the relevant state of the art in a more targeted and faster manner.

predori is your competitive advantage for successful patent strategies.

Patent information is the starting point for a multitude of business questions. Knowing what you are allowed to do under patent law without infringing third party rights and what is still protectable in order to expand your own patent portfolio is a prerequisite for a successful patent strategy.

Beyond Patent Search

Fast patent searches are risky - good patent searches are expensive. To overcome this status quo, we have developed the patent search tool predori. By using edge cutting language processing technologies and an interactive workflow, in which our artificial intelligence supports you in the optimal formulation of your search query, precise and accurate patent searches can be carried out in just a few minutes.

The clue is that the patent search is fully documented despite the use of autonomous artificial intelligence. Thus, the application meets the requirements of professional users such as patent law firms and industrial companies for legally binding documentation.

The search process

1. Finding
2. Assessing
3. Communicating

Whoever has the idea can best describe it. Whoever has the IP expertise can best assess the search results. Whoever gets the patent information presented in a clear and understandable way can make better decisions. predori maps the complete search process for you in a patent search app.
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Evaluate matches at a glance

Reason of Match

Assessing the content of search results is a matter of seconds. predori's 'Reason of Match' technology offers you the fastest possible and most intuitive access to search results, making it easy for you to assess them. This saves you valuable time when evaluating found documents.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

The Anti-Black-Box

With predori, the paradigm shifts from 'black-box AI solutions' to 'transparent-interactive AI solution'. Artificial intelligence works as an assistant to humans. The question "Why was a patent document found" can thus be answered easily. Due to the transparent workflow, you can completely understand the finding as well as the assessment of the result list. predori provides you with a complete documentation of what, how, when and where was searched.
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Search patents precisely, quickly and comprehensibly

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Support decision makers

Prepared reports

Patent search is not an end in itself. You want to derive decisions from knowledge created from patent information. predori offers you automated reports that you can hand out to decision makers and clients without any further effort.

Against the language barrier


Is it an image capture device or maybe just a camera? Is it a hammer or a nail insertion device. Patents are sometimes unusually worded. If you knew before you started your search what the item you are looking for is called in the database, you could formulate your search in the best possible way. predori helps you to translate your description into the words of the patent database. This way you will not only find what you type, but what you are really looking for.
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Intuitive Workflow

Easy access

Your research task is complex and difficult enough. Therefore, you shouldn't have to deal with a cumbersome and complicated tool. predori is clear, easy to use and intuitive. So you can start researching right away without time-consuming and costly training. The best thing is that our customers say that researching with predori is fun.