ASK YOUR DATA – Consult individual documents or extensive patent lists

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Experience the future of working with patent information! With our new ASK YOUR DATA (AYD) technology, you can ask questions to a patent document or an extensive list of patent documents (results list, monitoring report or individually compiled folders) to get clear and comprehensible answers in seconds – without the hassle of reading patent documents.

➔ It is therefore another feature from us that makes your information retrieval even more time-saving, effortless and efficient.

Are you seeking prompt responses to significant technical demands?

Our proprietary AYD technology allows you to ask specific questions directly to a single document or even to entire lists, such as results lists, monitoring reports or individually compiled folders. You will receive precise answers from our AI in no time at all. AYD is a powerful feature that allows you to dive deep into documents without having to read the entire document. You don’t even need to scan the highlightings (marked text passages).

The main use case for AYD is to let AI do the tedious work of extracting information for patent document evaluation. Users can focus on determining the information requirements and utilizing the information obtained as efficiently as possible.

predori provides valuable answers within seconds.

Example questions that can be answered with AYD:


      • Is there anything listed in the documents about feature “AB” or “CD”?

      • What types of feature “AB” are described in the documents?

      • What material is used for the “AB” feature?

      • What characterizes the technical feature “AB”?

      • How does feature “AB” in document “XY” differ from document “XZ”?

      • Who are the top 5 applicants?

      • Which prior art is closest to claim 1 of document “XY”?

      • Compare document “XY” with document “XZ” with particular reference to feature “AB”.

      • …and much more… Both content-related and statistical questions are possible. In addition, of course, tasks such as comparing documents, summarizing content or simply explaining complicated facts.

1. Find the needle in the haystack

You ask questions – our software answers them. There is no question that we cannot answer in the context of patent documents! The impossible is now a reality: simple and fast localization of the “needle in the haystack” without having to sift through documents. Our technology serves you as an efficient tool for targeted information retrieval.

2. References & supporting documents

Immediately below the generated answer, users can find reference excerpts from the original documents to read exactly how the content is described by the applicant. The “Jump In” button allows you to jump directly to the part of the patent document that contains the answer to your question with just one click. You can therefore immediately view the relevant paragraph in the original text.

3. Questions in German

Furthermore, predori offers the possibility to enter questions and tasks not only in English, but also in German. This multilingualism makes the predori application particularly user-friendly, versatile and helpful!


Transparent way of working – predori delivers comprehensible, correct content

predori focuses on transparency and traceability, as you probably already know from our other features. The evidence of the generated answers can be viewed with just one click of the mouse. Reference excerpts can be read directly below the generated answer. However, it is also possible to “jump in” directly to the corresponding paragraph in the original document with just one mouse click. This ensures that our artificial intelligence works transparently.

predori provides you with true answers and reveals clear facts.

➔ predori does not fabulate!

This feature further enhances the precision of our tool compared to other solutions. In contrast to various AI tools, our AI is characterized by the factual and accurate provision of information and backs this up with reference extracts and labels in the original documents. Against this background, users can be sure that the text output is correct.


Unlike conventional methods, the feature requires neither searching through the entire document nor scanning marked passages in the text. Instead, it is sufficient to formulate precise questions to obtain targeted information within seconds. Thanks to this time-saving functionality, our AI offers a significant advantage in terms of efficiency. It enables information to be obtained quickly without the need for time-consuming text analyses, which in turn leads to a considerable acceleration of the research and analysis process.

The ‘Ask Your Data’ application is also characterized by its high level of usability. The intuitive user interface allows anyone, regardless of their expertise, to benefit effortlessly from the comprehensive functions. This accessibility ensures that valuable information is no longer restricted to expert level, but becomes easily accessible to every team member to encourage collaboration within the team.

Absolute added value for you:
  1. Saves time – a huge amount of time!
  2. Opens up completely new possibilities
  3. Makes your IP strategy more efficient
  4. Saves a lot of money
  5. Shortens communication channels
  6. Sharpens understanding of competitor technology
  7. Catapults innovation cycles into new spheres

Welcome to the future

What seemed impossible yesterday will soon be standard. Our revolutionary tool will give you added value that is probably hard to grasp today. It will radically change the way patent searches or patent monitoring have been carried out up to now.

Master the flood of patent data and gain targeted information.

Not only individual patent documents can be searched, but also large lists of documents at the same time. For example, lists of results from searches, monitoring reports or individually compiled folders with patent documents. This not only provides a quick overview, but also an enormously fast basis of information. You can analyze correlations between different files without time-consuming effort. The use of AYD opens up exciting perspectives for more comprehensive information retrieval.

With AYD, you can easily and very quickly extract hidden positives from the hit list:

  • Tease out hidden positives
  • Process true positives faster and in a more targeted way
  • Simply let false positives fall by the wayside

Imagine if you could gather all the information you wanted from a results list of well over 100 patent documents in just a few minutes? … or evaluate the content of a comprehensive monitoring report in a very short time? … or process an individually compiled list of patent documents in a targeted manner and compare & extract precise features?!

From now on, you no longer have to read each document individually and laboriously work out the content. Our new feature provides you with answers to all your questions.

➔ This saves you X hours, X days and probably X weeks of work.

  • The time factor you save is enormous! In that time you can:
  • Advance developments more quickly
  • Strategically enhance reports to superiors
  • Bring more security to processes
  • Increase the value of information
  • Deliver better results faster
  • …or simply finish work earlier 😊


predori does not fabulate


predori does not invent content. All answers are truthful and structured. In a matter of seconds.


predori quotes text passages


predori quotes text passages. If you wish, you can obtain reference excerpts or the supporting documents in the original documents at the click of a mouse.


predori understands the context


predori has a full understanding of the content of all listed documents and responds to you correctly in terms of context and content in relation to your input.

Are you ready?

Another groundbreaking feature joins the predori technology family. And once again, the great strength of a functionality proves itself in the significant time savings & high precision when working with patent data.

Be one of the first to undergo this transformative experience – THE NEW ERA STARTS NOW!

Coming soon…

We’re going one better! Ask Your Data will soon be even more powerful, as you will soon be able to ask questions of figures / illustrations and compare them with each other. This function will enable you to have complex technical drawings explained to you and to understand individual elements more quickly.