predoriX – Transforming patent data into actionable knowledge

We are delighted to announce another ground-breaking technology: predoriX. This revolutionary feature will fundamentally change the way you find and understand patent information!

Problems that predoriX solves for you

predoriX was developed to solve the most difficult challenges in the field of intellectual property and research & development:

  • Managing data overload: With predoriX, enormous amounts of patent data can be processed efficiently, especially from regions with high patent activity such as Asia.
  • Facilitate handling of bycatch: The precise search minimizes irrelevant documents, which increases efficiency. Bycatch does not have to be actively sorted out or reduced. This means you have to deal with bycatch much less.
  • Long waiting times are history: information is available immediately, without lengthy coordination processes between engineers, IP managers and law firms. Intuitive use and fast problem solving in real time.
  • Short communication channels: Engineers can access technical knowledge directly (without the need for their own search experience), which significantly increases innovative strength.
  • Easily consume complex patent content: With the targeted support of our AI, you can understand complicated descriptions in patent documents very quickly and very easily.
  • Laborious access to patent information is radically simplified: Information that was previously only accessible via time-consuming searches and required a difficult sifting through the documents is a thing of the past. predoriX is your digital colleague who can answer all questions about patent information immediately and accurately.

What is predoriX?

predoriX is your digital colleague who can answer all questions concerning patent information from large collections of patents – both: immediately and accurately

With predoriX you enable your entire organization, from IP to R&D to innovation management, to use the worldwide knowledge from patents profitably! Let predoriX answer any technological question in no time – without research effort, without expert knowledge. predoriX is your AI assistant for patent information.

IP Manager

Reduce your research and analysis effort. Find what you need to find quickly and easily.

R&D Abteilung 

Easily unlock technical insights from complex patents with the smart support of AI.

IP Manager

Reduce your research and analysis effort. Find what you need to find quickly and easily.

R&D Abteilung 

Easily unlock technical insights from complex patents with the smart support of AI.

Collaboration IP und R&D

With predoriX, the IP and Research & Development departments can work together with knowledge from patents on one platform. Thanks to this simple exchange of knowledge, you can secure significant competitive advantages!

Take the fast lane with us

Questions can be answered directly with predoriX, without detours & without long communication loops. This means you get quick answers to important questions. The efficient AI-supported generation of knowledge from patents not only works for individual documents or patent lists, it also works for entire technology fields – i.e. large data sets of many hundreds of thousands of documents!

➔ This makes work much easier and significantly speeds up processes, whether for the further development of innovations or as a basis for strategic decisions.

Easy access to patented knowledge

When used correctly, artificial intelligence develops from a simple tool into a valued colleague that saves you time and takes work off your hands. Handling patent information is radically simplified with predoriX.

1. find technical knowledge with unprecedented ease

2. understand complex content in the blink of an eye with the smart support of AI

How to efficiently gain knowledge from patents with AI?

predori stands for the meaningful use of artificial intelligence in all activities relating to knowledge from patents. The “X” in predoriX stands for eXact and offers unparalleled precision in patent searches and patent monitoring. Thanks to continuous fine-tuning of the database, full-text search and cutting-edge AI technology, predori enables you to achieve significant productivity gains through incredibly fast information retrieval.

Imagine a world where all the information you need is right at your fingertips. With our innovative and groundbreaking tool predoriX, this dream becomes reality. No more tedious searches, no more loss of information – everything you need is just a click away.

➔ Access to patent information is significantly simplified, even for people with no search experience. 

Direct answers to your questions

Experience an enormous simplification of your daily tasks and save valuable time. With predoriX you get the information you need directly, without long communication loops. Simply ask the right questions and receive precise, correct & comprehensible answers immediately. You can incorporate quick answers to important questions into your development and strategic decisions in an agile manner.

Our tool is THE tool for your entire organization: IP professionals, engineers and R&D teams. It potentiates knowledge and makes it accessible in many ways.

1. high precision: Find the relevant information with the highest quality. Our AI works extremely precisely thanks to continuous fine-tuning.


2. full-text search: All documents are searched in full, not just titles and abstracts. The comprehensive full-text search of all documents means that no important features are overlooked. This leads to comprehensive and accurate results.


3. comprehensible results: Our AI works 100% transparently. All steps are documented and can be checked for plausibility at any time. For answers, summaries or translations, references to the original documents are available with just one click. predori is the ANTI-black box among AI tools!


4. automated search in the background without loss of information: all intended documents are searched, which means that no important information is lost that could be inadvertently excluded in conventional searches by setting filters.


5.  Intuitive operation: The predoriX application requires no expert knowledge and is very easy to use. Engineers can even ask questions about documents on their own, saving themselves long communication channels with possible loss of information.


6. simplification of work: The entire patent search process is simplified, resulting in enormous time savings. The effort required to obtain information is drastically reduced.


7. acceleration of innovations: This efficient information gathering can speed up processes surrounding developments. Decisions can be made more quickly and innovation cycles can be greatly shortened.


8. immediate problem solving: use global knowledge to solve technical problems immediately and find inspiration for new developments. Use the innovation impulses to quickly find workaround solutions.


9. break down barriers: Valuable information is no longer restricted to expert level. Everyone in the organization has access to the desired information in no time at all. Long communication loops are no longer necessary.


10. auto-update – automatic additions to the database: The range of documents is continuously updated by specific monitoring and automatically supplemented with new, suitable documents.

Search is dead, long live the result!

With predoriX you can save yourself the time-consuming and often frustrating patent search because you can work directly with the results. The accurate and comprehensive capture of patent information is revolutionizing the way companies innovate and solve technical problems. Get ready for a new era of patent searching!


The traditional search process becomes obsolete. You can work directly with the results. Thanks to the intuitive usability, EVERYONE in your organization can effortlessly ask questions to documents themselves without going through complex communication channels. Our AI responds to you within seconds, which significantly accelerates the transfer of knowledge and thus the development of technologies.

This tool relieves IP managers and at the same time gives the R&D department a strong boost. Fast and precise answers to technical questions are provided in real time. Find information at no extra cost! Everyone can get answers to their questions without any hurdles – the relevant information is immediately available to everyone. predoriX significantly increases efficiency and productivity across different departments.

➔ Increase the potential of your knowledge with predoriX!


One tool for all

predoriX is the ideal tool for IP professionals, engineers and R&D departments. It enables fast and efficient collaboration by facilitating access to patent-related information and removing barriers. By integrating predoriX into your work processes, you can develop your technologies faster. 


  • Immediate access to relevant documents
  • Relevant information only one click away
  • Reduction of the workload
  • Increased patent quality for applications
  • Safeguarding the IP portfolio
  • Complete documentation through traceable results
  • Faster reports and decisions
  • Facilitation of information retrieval
  • Productivity gains in everyday tasks
  • Save costs
  • Understand technical content more quickly


➔ Our tool covers all application areas such as SOTA, FTO, invalidation and patentability and carries out opposition searches almost automatically. With maximum accuracy, intuitive user-friendliness and unprecedented speed, predoriX enables direct access to specific knowledge from worldwide databases without time-consuming searches.


➔ For certain tasks, the classic searches that were previously carried out are no longer necessary. This completely eliminates conventional steps such as creating search queries, building a Boolean graph, selecting synonyms or defining technology fields. Searching through lists, scanning patent specifications and reading or skimming claims are also a thing of the past.


➔ Increase the quality of your patents during the application process and secure your portfolio more effectively. Our solution significantly improves the IP value, which will bring your company immense benefits in the long term.


➔ Identifying the essential features of an invention is a tedious and complex task. With predoriX’s automated extraction of relevant features, you can focus on your core tasks without having to read tons of text (much of which is irrelevant for your assessment anyway). Summarizing the key features from different documents at the same time also makes your work much easier.


  • Understand patent content quickly
  • Have easy access to worldwide technical knowledge
  • Get technical specifications  at a glance
  • Increase the speed of innovation
  • Solve tasks agilely
  • Find workarounds quickly & easily
  • Benefit holistically from innovation impulses
  • Find solutions to technical problems quickly
  • Drive developments forward without waiting times

➔ By using our AI, you can quickly understand and easily process patent content. predoriX enables direct and simple use of patent-related information, allowing you to access valuable data without lengthy communication processes. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency and quality in the development of new technologies.


➔ The challenge is to overcome the effort required to identify the essential features of an invention. Filtering out these relevant features is an extremely complex process that requires specialist knowledge. To make matters worse, the language used in patents differs from everyday language and uses special words, keywords and links, often defined in the document itself, which usually only experts can interpret correctly.


➔ predoriX makes the world of knowledge from patents not only easily accessible to you as a developer, designer or engineer, but also quickly understandable.

New methods open up new possibilities

Keep pace with competitive change by optimizing collaboration between the Research & Development and IP Management departments. Use modern tools to grow with the demands of today’s world. And how exactly? By introducing user-friendliness and an easily accessible voice and text form into the search processes and giving your teams access to patent data in real time. This allows your teams to collaborate on prototypes and related patent projects with agility and without information distortion. With our technology, you can make your work with patents easier and strengthen your innovative power.


Experience a groundbreaking revolution in the field of intellectual property with predoriX

predoriX marks a milestone in information retrieval. With predoriX, it is no longer necessary to read individual documents or search through previously created lists. Instead, entire fields of technology can be captured in the blink of an eye.

The use of predoriX opens up exciting perspectives for comprehensive information retrieval. This not only allows a quick overview, but also an enormously fast basis of substantial information to drive innovation or bring about strategic decisions. With the support of our AI, it is possible to easily find and quickly understand relevant patent information and thus create real competitive advantages.


     ➡️ 1. Find technical features easily

     ➡️ 2. Understand patent content quickly

     ➡️ 3. Use information efficiently

Do you require quick information from a large amount of patent data?

AI changes from a tool to being your personal assistent: predoriX is your digital colleague that can answer all questions about patent information immediately and accurately.

Experience the future of information procurement and innovation acceleration! Take advantage of our revolutionary solution! With predoriX you are always one step ahead of your competitor. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drastically increase the efficiency of your organization and revolutionize your innovation processes.

Find out more and bring your ideas to market faster and more reliably. We would be happy to show you the full scope of our technology in a personal live product demo:

Stefan Brehm (CEO & Co-Founder of predori) presented "predoriX" at PATINFO 2024.