Knowledge is Power: Scale your Ability to Innovate

Competition is constantly increasing in all industries. The ability to easily identify and understand relevant patents is thus becoming the most underestimated success factor for innovation-driven companies. At the same time, supportive patent search measures are becoming a decisive advantage over the competition.

This is a change whose effects are felt in many ways.

A change that you can keep pace with.

Thanks to up-to-date solutions for patent search and patent monitoring.

The leap from the status quo to today – with a team of humans and AI

It is not uncommon to hear that the best ideas come from problems – a statement that also applies to us. Because at the beginning of predori, the basic idea was to tackle the problems in the patent search world that were hindering the development of modern and up-to-date search methods.

Our goal was to revolutionize the patent search industry. We wanted to develop an innovative tool that would

  • replace time-consuming and inefficient search processes with fast, simple and productive ones
  • make the complexity of data structures manageable and thus usable
  • overcomes the language barriers
  • can be used as an innovation tool at the heart of innovation processes.

We hoped that this would lead to greater efficiency and accuracy of results, and that there would finally be movement in a stagnating industry that was handling patent matters in 2020 just as it had in the 1990s. With predori, we wanted to push boundaries and set new ones.

We have achieved this.

But it is also a fact that many companies do not have access to patent documents, even though obtaining reliable results has become so much easier with new search technologies. In the future, it will be essential to have this access to patent documents, as it will enable companies to minimize potential risks of patent infringement and develop more targeted innovation strategies to succeed in the competitive environment and make the most of opportunities in the market.

Now, predori not only takes patent searching to a new level, but also enables anyone who previously could not conduct searches independently to do so with an in-house tool. This immediately creates a new opportunity, the chance to collaborate, which the AI tool predori knows how to exploit. Thanks to the collaboration function, all of the company’s employees can immediately participate in the research via the tool.

This synergy, born out of market needs and technological advances, solves several problems at once.

No longer do search results have to go through several successive instances. The time required is minimized, and cooperation between the workers accessing a tool at the same time is intensified.

What was previously unthinkable: by using the tool, all relevant information can be delivered in a matter of seconds and therefore during the respective meetings. The instantly provided information and the immediate access to it replace the extensive and time-consuming research between meetings.

These and even more features, such as 360° monitoring, allow you to be more agile than ever to gain an advantage over the competition.


The Reason of Match - Your Access to Knowledge

Our concern is to make access to knowledge as easy and efficient as possible, as patent documents are often very technical and thus difficult to access.

Without neglecting the human component, predori’s generative AI is able to facilitate the consumption of content by making it faster to read and easier to understand. It presents you with content in a more comprehensible and accessible form, enabling rapid processing of information and thereby opening up a hitherto unique and effortless access to knowledge.

With predori’s Reason-of-Match technology, you can immediately see why a document is displayed and how it relates to your input. Lightning-fast screening allows you to jump to relevant text passages in patent documents with one click. It highlights the text passages that clearly show the cause-and-effect relationship of the technical features you are looking for. With the reason-of-match function in a document feature matrix, you can quickly assess search results in terms of novelty and inventive step.

Instead of studying an average of 30 document pages in depth, you can browse through pre-sorted text excerpts that focus on the relevant technical features. This saves you valuable research time, yet you never miss any important information.

User-friendly operation: an accessible tool for all users

So the results of the tool are generally understandable, but can any non-technical person use it?

As already shown by the reason-of-match function, clearly yes.

If you're creating a new product, protecting your intellectual property is essential. predori is a helpful tool that simplifies project management and easily matches ideas with existing patents. With these benefits, we can concentrate on developing our product with confidence.

Lucas Engelhardt

Co-founder of Osora

predori is characterized by its ease of use, which is supported by a specially created workflow. Letting engineers, developers and innovators do their own research is an application with great advantages. With the support of predori, specialists can independently search for relevant information, thus optimizing their work processes and unfolding their potential for action.

Getting started with the search is made easier by the fact that the different search types are already listed separately on the start page. So you only have to select the predefined search type, which compiles exactly the right patent information for your question.

Effective communication between the R&D and IP departments is key to avoid duplicating work. Collaborating closely will prevent unnecessary patent searches and encourage the smooth sharing of important information. Effective communication between the R&D and IP departments is key to avoid duplicating work. Improved department communication leads to optimized processes and long-term efficiency gains.

The exchange between R&D and IP

With predori, knowledge can be exploited where it is created.

In this sense, each team member can present relevant information directly during a meeting. In particular, close collaboration between the research and development (R&D) and intellectual property (IP) departments plays a crucial role. Both areas are closely linked and support each other. Therefore, their communication must be right and optimized as much as possible.

In addition to the points mentioned above, a close exchange between the R&D and IP departments is also recommended because it avoids duplication of work. Effective collaboration eliminates redundant patent searches and promotes the seamless exchange of important information. Optimized processes and increased efficiency in the long term are the result of improved communication between the departments.


Protecting intellectual property

A close exchange between the IP and R&D departments enables all players to identify new inventions in good time and take the appropriate protective measures. The IP department is responsible for protecting a company’s intellectual property, including patents, trademarks and copyrights. The R&D department develops innovative technologies and solutions that may be patentable.

Identification of relevant patents

The R&D department needs prior art information to ensure that its developments do not infringe existing patents. The IP department helps identify relevant patents and checks whether the planned innovations are patentable. Through regular exchange, the departments avoid potential conflicts. For example, they can circumvent existing patents in good time and thus drive forward the development of technologies in line with legal requirements. In the same way, long costly infringement proceedings can be avoided.


Keep pace with competitive change by optimizing collaboration between R&D and IP management departments. And how exactly? By introducing ease of use and easily accessible language and text into search processes, and giving your teams access to real-time updated patent data. This allows your teams to collaboratively advance prototypes and related patent projects in an agile manner, without information bias.

Does internal optimization with predori replace the patent attorney? Not at all, it complements him. With predori, communication within and outside departments is easier, faster and therefore much more efficient. It is the combination of technology and human know-how that provides the decisive edge. predori delivers the valuable data in real time, while the expert, a lawyer or an IP manager, applies his expertise on how to best utilize the information.