With predori, you save your precious time and therefore money when performing and evaluating patent searches. This is achieved by using predori's artificial intelligence to efficiently support you in formulating your search query. Whether patentability search, freedom to operate or patent monitoring, with predori you can perform highly accurate searches in minutes. The Reason of Match technology allows you to evaluate found documents at a glance, as matching text passages and figures are prepared and presented to you.

Always the right tool

Freedom to Operate, Patentability, Invalidation - not all searches are the same. predori offers the right tool for every search task.


Every invention starts with the spark of an idea. With predori’s life-cycle search, you can accompany your product from the first prototype to market launch with patent searches. This allows you to transform a quick prior art search into a patentability search, which you later continue into a freedom-to-operate. This way, IP management always stays on top of product development.

Search Engine

predori takes a revolutionary new approach to searching. While you can concentrate on the essentials, namely the invention to be researched, predori's artificial intelligence takes over the search for the matching documents. This way, your expertise and experience merge with the power of our AI.

Designed by IP professionals

We understand you

predori has been trained on millions of patent documents to interpret your input and extract the technically relevant terms. By entering a description of the invention in your words, we can extract feature correlations that improve the search significantly.

We never run out of words

predori searches for matching synonyms in the patent database based on your description. This way you can describe your idea in the words of the database and therefore find not only what you type in, but what you are really looking for.

It is your time that counts

The Reason of Match technology of predori analyzes the found documents for you, so that you can be presented with the matching text passages and images. This allows you to evaluate entire documents in a short time.

Good monitoring starts with good research

With our 2 tools Document Monitoring & Technology Monitoring, we offer you an interactive AI-supported monitoring of patent documents and technology fields. predori makes monitoring as easy as possible for you. Get all data at a glance and create new monitoring jobs with just one click.

Complete transparency despite autonomous artificial intelligence

Thanks to the interactive workflow and the innovative use of artificial intelligence, patent searches with predori always remain transparent and traceable.

Find matching technology fields in the blink of an eye

Very few inventions can be assigned to individual technology fields. Therefore, predori’s Technology Selection identifies those technology sectors that match the invention you are looking for.


The true value of patent searches lies in the processing of the information found. With predori, you can not only search and evaluate efficiently, but also communicate the search result easily and conveniently.

Personal Live Demo

You want to see live how predori can support your company or law firm? In just 30 minutes you will learn how predori can make your patent search more efficient. We offer you the opportunity to perform a search of your choice and experience the full performance of predori. See for yourself!