Due Diligence

Management and Strategy

Understanding patent portfolios

Merger & Acquisition or a look at your own patent portfolio, with predori's Due Diligence feature you gain insight into entire patent portfolios.

Portfolio valuation made easy

Strategic insights
Gain detailed insights into entire patent portfolios with just a few clicks.
Determine yourself how detailed you want the portfolio assessment to be. Whether global view or individual IP rights, with predori you can determine the level of appraisal.
Portfolio validation
Determine the validity of entire portfolios with little effort.
With predori you can monitor changes in the patent portfolio. Stay up to date from the start of the project to completion and receive targeted notifications about the patent portfolio's lifecycle.

predori is your competitive advantage

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Patent Due Diligence

Patent Due Diligence is your task to assess portfolios of competitors or M&A targets. predori provides you with an overview of the entire portfolio with little effort; at the same time you can assess individual IP rights or entire parts of the portfolio regarding their validity. You decide how detailed the assessment should be.