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Invalidate third party rights

Whether opposition, invalidity or cancellation, if you are looking for the appropriate state of the art to invalidate third party rights, predori is your fast and precise helper.

Go on the attack

Go on the attack against the competitor's patent. With the document feature matrix automatically generated for you, you can assess novelty and inventive step at a glance.
Clear process
With predori you only need to enter the number of the IP right to be invalidated. While the necessary filters are automatically set, you can concentrate on preparing the attack.
State of the art
Determine in a few minutes what prior art you can counter the competitor's IP right.
In the end, invalidation searches are not about searching, but about finding. By interacting with predori‘s AI, you arrive at a highly accurate formulation of your search query. This is the key to accurate results.

Convince yourself

Perform a search of your choice and get to know the full performance of predori. Just book a free predori demonstration.

Invalidation Search

You have identified an intellectual property right of a competitor that stands in the way of your own development? You are facing a patent infringement suit and need to invalidate the infringed IP right? Whether invalidity proceedings, opposition proceedings or utility model cancellation, to be successful you need relevant prior art. predori is not only your efficient access to the appropriate documents, through the AI generated document feature matrix you can assess novelty and inventive step at a glance. Invalidation searches with predori are fun – just not for the competitor.