Prior Art Investigation

Novelty and Inventive Step

Clearly arranged
With the AI-generated document feature matrix, you can assess at a glance whether an invention is novel and inventive.

Increase patent quality

Document Feature Matrix
You are used to maintain a spreadsheet in which you maintain documents and features? This extra work is done for you with predori.
Better chances of granting
If you know the prior art you have to distinguish from from the beginning, you save time, money and increase your chances of obtaining a patent.
Surprisingly fast
Search or simply file? This is the question you always face when patent information is difficult or costly to obtain. With predori you get the state of the art in no time, so that you will never ask this question again.
Distinction made easy
If you realize that the invention is not new or not inventive, even before you file the application, you have the opportunity to sharpen the invention.

Let us convince you during a live search

Learn in one hour how to perform patentability searches with predori in just a few minutes.

Patentability search: It’s your time that counts

Even if the relevant prior art is gathered quickly, identifying and extracting the relevant features in the documents has been tedious until now. predori therefore not only provides you with the matching documents, but also prepares the hits for you in a document feature matrix. This allows you to use your valuable expertise to assess novelty and inventive step and not be held up by compiling information. Patentability searches are done in no time with predori.