State of the Art

Prior Art Investigation

Hand in hand with AI

predori's state of the art patent search offers you an interactive patent search process in which you interact with our artificial intelligence. This way, you get highly accurate patent search results in just a few minutes.

Reach your aim in just a few steps

In the end, patent searches are not about searching, but about finding. By interacting with predori‘s AI, you arrive at a highly precise formulation of your search query. This is the key to precise results.
Time efficient
Rephrasing your query, sifting through large hit lists, collecting synonyms and identifying patent classes: all time-consuming steps that predori's AI takes away from you. This gives you more time for the essentials, namely exploiting information.
Traceable and reproducible, these two requirements apply to patent searches as well as to scientific research. predori therefore relies on human+AI interaction, so that you always know what, how and where was searched. Hence, predori is the anti-black-box among the AI patent search tools.
Easy to Use
Your work is complicated enough. Patent information is often difficult to access. So why bother with complicated steps and applications? predori offers a simple and intuitive linear patent search process that guides you to your goal: the relevant prior art.

You are just one click away from the best research experience

You are the best judge of how predori can help you. Find out.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Can you imagine reporting to management or your client that you did not find a document because the AI did not find anything? No? Neither can we. predori was developed by IP professionals, so we know your needs from our own experience and know that searches need to be comprehensible above all. Through the interactive human+AI search process, predori provides fast and accurate state of the art searches that are fully traceable.