Technology Monitoring


Dominate the competition

With predori you can monitor entire technology fields without much effort and thus keep an eye on the competition.

Understand the patent landscape

At a glance
predori not only provides you with the documents matching your monitoring needs, but predori also prepares the documents for you.
Easily configurable
You can either easily transfer an existing search into a monitoring project, or create a new monitoring.
Transform monitoring results into knowledge. With predori, you can conveniently reuse results from patent landscape monitoring.
If you want, predori AI learns from you and continuously improves your patent monitoring. Thus, you exclude less suitable areas of the patent landscape.

Let us convince you during a live search

Learn in one hour how to perform patentability searches with predori in just a few minutes.

The patent landscape at a glance

Searches are only a snapshot of the patent landscape. With predori, you can transform searches into monitoring projects without further effort. This way you stay up to date and keep an eye on your competitors. With the Reason of Match technology, you also need little time to classify monitoring results. This saves time and allows you to focus on the relevant documents.