Ultra Quick autonomous Patent-Search

Prior Art Investigation

Pure AI patent search

With the Ultra-Quick patent search you will find the matching documents within a few seconds without much effort. The highlight: the autonomous Ultra-Quick search learns from your manual searches, like the State of the Art search.

simple, autonomous

In plain language
Describe your invention to our AI the way you would describe your idea to a good friend. The predori AI will do the rest of the research for you.
With every State of the Art, Patentability or Invalidation search you train the Ultra-Quick Search, so you get even more precise results in the future.
Unlike the other search types of predori, Ultra-Quick Search lets you take the helm. This means that searches are even faster, but not traceable.
Easy to Use
You want a quick and easy patent search, without much effort and work? With Ultra Quick Search you can enjoy a high-performance AI patent search.

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Why not just get started

Every research project starts with a rough overview research. It is less about details, but more about getting good search results quickly and easily. With predori‘s Ultra Quick Patent Search, you get exactly this sweet spot between hit quality and workload.

Your search project goes beyond that? Excellent, you can easily convert an Ultra Quick Patent Search into a more precise State of the Art Search, with more possibilities to influence on the patent search.