Chinese Patent Pressure

Every year, the number of patent and utility model applications worldwide increases, as does the number of intellectual property rights that can potentially be infringed. A decade ago, competitors were only a few hundred kilometres away and could be easily monitored, but today it is often impossible to know who you are actually competing against in terms of markets and technologies. All in all, it is an opaque situation whose negative impact on corporate strategy is becoming increasingly measurable.

China, in particular, has established itself as a leading force in the patent sector in recent years. The People’s Republic no longer wants to be an “extended workbench for international corporations”, but wants to create its own technological added value. For several years now, instead of focusing on acquiring foreign technologies, China has been increasingly focusing on promoting domestic innovation – with success!

Both the numerous patent applications and the significant innovations are driving progress in various industries worldwide. The boom in China’s patent system is partly due to the tremendous growth of the Chinese economy and the increasing number of companies investing in research and development. The combination of government support, economic growth and a strengthened culture of innovation has made China a major player in the global patent arena.

Source: Bertelsmann Study 2020 – Driven by the national innovation strategy, the country is gradually developing from the "factory of the world" to the "research laboratory of the world" (Jungbluth, 2015; Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2020a). In 2019, China was among the top three in 42 technology fields, whereas at the turn of the millennium it did not dominate a single field. A total of 58 technology fields were compared.

From replicator to innovator

In the near future, China’s overwhelming number of patents will dwarf other countries, as government subsidies and massive investments in research and development contribute to impressive progress  with no signs of a slowdown in sight. Faced with this constant innovation pressure from China and its possible consequences, entrepreneurs need a modern information gathering tool that organises patent searches and patent monitoring and makes the results usable for business and legal decisions. It is essential to find out what innovations Chinese players are producing, where they are in the technology field and which patents may be infringed.

In this way, technological progress can be achieved and costly patent disputes avoided.

Have you ever heard of Weiqi?

It is the oldest board game in the world, invented in ancient China. The aim of Weiqi is to surround more pieces than your opponent.

The game provides an accurate picture: similar to the patent system, you play for territory. Just as the aim here is to surround more pieces, companies in the innovation landscape also strive to secure their own territory through patents and technologies.

This example shows that strategic considerations and competitive elements play a central role in both, the traditional game and in modern entrepreneurial challenges.

The quantity problem & the solution

In the face of current developments, innovative companies can start preparing for the future today. With the help of artificial intelligence, they can achieve cost-effective patent searches and monitoring. It is therefore appropriate to look for solutions to this problem.

The keyword is IP intelligence. While it is often easy to manage one’s own IP rights, finding and classifying the IP rights of others requires much more effort. In particular, it requires targeted and efficient research and monitoring of the patent market.

What was only possible a few years ago by setting up a separate department and creating dedicated positions is now much easier through the use of artificial intelligence. Modern patent search and monitoring tools, such as predori, are now able to carry out searches in a matter of minutes that used to take days. The same goes for monitoring competitors and technology areas.

But that’s not everything: before any action can be taken on the basis of the patent information found in the company, the information must be analysed in detail. predori not only helps to obtain information, but also to process and utilise it. The advantage is obvious. By using modern patent search and monitoring software, it is possible to keep an eye on the competition, minimise the risks of patent infringement and still be at the forefront of the competition for technologies and markets tomorrow.

Access to reliable and up-to-date patent information from China is an essential step in responding to potential conflicts at an early stage and taking proactive measures to avoid patent infringement.

Why should you be well positioned against the innovative power of Asia?

1. You need to know who is producing what in your field of technology.

2. You need to know how the technologies are developing so that you can maintain your position in the market in the future.

3. You need to know which patents you may be infringing to avoid costly litigation.

4. You need to know who may be infringing your patents so that you can best position yourself in the marketplace and generate revenue through royalties.


How does predori deal with Asian patent data?

In order to create the necessary transparency in this opaque and therefore risky situation, predori offers a solution. Through our search algorithms, which are also geared towards the Asian market, we enable users to obtain comprehensive and meaningful information about patents from China. Our artificial intelligence is trained to translate patent data from Asia into English and make it available to users for easier consumption.

The resulting overview of technology fields plays an essential role in staying ahead of the competition in a dynamically changing and highly competitive environment, driving innovation, avoiding potential mistakes such as unintentional patent infringement and the associated legal and financial consequences.

  • predori gives you easy access to Asian data
  • predori gives you a clear view of what is happening in the marketplace
  • With predori, you can research and monitor on demand using AI

Work proactively with an innovative tool to protect your intellectual property and make room for future development of your technologies.

By supporting you with research, intelligent summaries and automated 360° monitoring, predori enables you to focus your resources on internal research and development.

How can you achieve your goals easier, faster and better?

  1. Adopt new methods
  2. Take advantage of new opportunities
  3. Work with an innovative tool

Gain an information edge with modern technology by using our AI-powered IP intelligence software.