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You will be the best judge of whether a patent search matches the relevant prior art for your idea. In your personal live demo, you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of predori patent search on a search topic of your choice.

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Patent law firm, technology company, start-up or single inventor: predori offers you easy access to patent information. This allows you to better assess your chances of turning your own ideas or your clients’ ideas into patents. At the same time, you can easily identify and keep track of competitors’ IP rights.

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No one can better judge whether a patent search accurately reflects the prior art of your ideas. Therefore, you have the opportunity to perform a search of your choice and get to know the full performance of predori.

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New services for your clients, faster market releases for your products, delineating development projects from cradle to grave against the state of the art, or using patent searches in agile innovation methods – you decide whether you want to use predori to promote and drive your innovations.